About 4D

4D games are very popular in Malaysia and Singapore, due to it simple and straight forward rule. Pick any number from 0000 to 9999 and bet any amount you wish. It is so simple and popular that there are 6 license operators (known as 4D operator) in Malaysia. 3 operators in Peninsular Malaysia that are well known as Magnum, Sports Toto and Damacai. The remaining 3 operate in East Malaysia are Special Cashsweep, Sabah88 and Sandakan4D.

As for Singapore, there is only 1 license operator known as Singapore Pools.

Public are advices to play 4D games with these licensed operators and not from illegal bookie as all winning is guaranteed under these 4D Operators. It is an offend to place 4D betting through bookie and you can be fine and or jailed.

4D games can be very fun and exciting, but you are cautioned not to be addicted. Play responsibly and only with money that you can spare.

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